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Test event for London 2012 kicks off on December 3rd

?? The ExCeL London Centre.

The Taekwondo test event for the London 2012 Olympic Games will take place at the Excel Centre in London on December 3-4, 2011.

With approximately eight months to go until the Olympics, this event can be regarded as a ‘simulated Olympics’.

However, it will not have the full Olympic programme, since it will consist only of two male and twofemale categories, instead of fou reach: Male -68kg and -80kg, andFemale -49kg and +67kg.

This event brings together 60 competitorsfrom 18 countries, includingthehost country Great Britain, SouthKorea, Italy, China andTaiwan.

Despite not being the real Olympic competition, the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) managed to encourage participation by giving this competition a G3-class, which means that winners are awarded with 30 ranking points. This is undoubtedly a grea tmotivation for athletes, since ranking points are becoming increasingly decisive at seedings.

Some of this event’s most potential winners are French Gwladys Épangue (Female +67kg), Iranian Mohammad Bagheri Motamed (Male -68kg), British Aaron Cook (Male -80kg), Taiwanese Yang Su-Chun (Female -49kg), Croatian Lucija Zaninovic(Female -49kg) and IranianYousef Karami (Male -80kg).

The South Korean athletes participating in this event are Sang-Bin Lee – whowill compete in a higher weight category, -80kg – and the threeFemale +67kg athletes Hye-Mi Park, Sae-Bom Ahn and In-Jong Lee. Specialattentionwill be drawn to the female+67kg strongest candidate Gwladys Épangue’s fights against the three Korean athletes.

The event wills begin with Male -68kg and Female -49kg categories on December 3rd, and will end with Male -80kg and Female +67kg competitions on the last day.

The official Olympic PSS Daedowill be used in thisevent. One day prior to the start, Daedo has passed the wireless security test performed by Ofcom, theBritish government-approved regulatory authority for communications.

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