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The Asia University Taekwondo Federation is Established

The Asia University Taekwondo Federation is Established

The AUTF begins its activities by signing a Memorandum of Understanding with the World Taekwondo French Speaking Country Union
The Asia University Taekwondo Federation has been established.
The AUTF celebrated the inaugural assembly and announced the establishment of the federation on May 24, at the World University Taekwondo Championships that were held in Pocheon, South Korea – where representatives from more than 20 countries were present.
At the inaugural assembly, Mr. Chang-Yeong Jang, standing Vice-chairman of the Korean University Taekwondo Federation, was appointed as the first President of the Federation, and Mr. Seon-Jang Lee, professor at Gyemyeong University was appointed as the Secretary General.
AUTF President Jang said about the foundation that, “the purpose of the AUTF is to work for the progress, research and development of Taekwondo, and to contribute in making Taekwondo a global sport and a way of life.”
President Jang is also leading the Korean University Taekwondo Federation and also was appointed as Secretary General of the World University Taekwondo Championships.
The AUTF has started its first business with a MOU that was signed with the UMTF and has began planning concrete activities. The UMTF is formed by around 45 French-speaking countries and is leaded by President Roger Piarulli. A yearly championship is organized, and this year it will take place in Ivory Coast.
On May 30, last day of the World University Taekwondo Championships, the AUTF and UMTF signed the international exchange agreement and decided to help each other for their development.
AUTF President Jang, UMTF President Roger Piarulli, AUTF Secretary General Lee, UMTF Secretary General PhillipeBouedo and other members of the AUTF were present in this meeting.[:]

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