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The PSS selection process for Chelyabinsk 2015 and Rio 2016: lengthy and controversial

The PSS selection process for Chelyabinsk 2015 and Rio 2016: lengthy and controversial

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The Taekwondo global community is less than 4 months away from the celebration of Chelyabinsk 2015 World Championships and a little more than a year away from Rio 2016 Olympic Games, but we still don’t know which will be the PSS chosen by the WTF to be used at the two most important events of our sport’s world scene.
This fact is undoubtedly a big concern to all national federations and also to the community in which this sport was born: South Korea. There is a sector within the WTF that intends to offer the possibility of acting as a PSS provider for the World Championships to the company will be not rewarded with the organization of the Olympic Games, in order not to jeopardize any of the two brands involved in the contests: the Spanish company Daedo and the Korean firm KP&P.
Despite its good intention in terms of not marginalizing any of the two companies that have been investing many efforts in improving our sport in the recent years, this initiative clashes directly with the needs of the federations and their athletes, as they would be clearly disadvantaged by a hypothetical WTF’s Solomonic decision. Sharing out these two competitions between Daedo and KP&P would force the MNAs to conduct a double economic investment, a serious problem in the current world .
A well known leader within the world of Taekwondo told the press last January 26 that “none of the two systems is perfect,” so they both “should continue to improve”. “We are less than 2 years away from the Olympics, so they must select the PSS that will be used and inform all National Federations as soon as possible. It is the only way to get used to it during the remaining time.
Commenting on the this initiative promoted by a sector within the WTF, this leader said: “it makes no sense. The World Championship is a very important event before the Olympics. It is not understandable to use a different PSS that the one which will be used at Rio. It is dangerous. No country will understand it. They have to choose only one.”
This position seems to be defended by the vast majority of consulted leaders, including the Korean ones. The national coaches do not understand either why the WTF forces itself to help a PSS company, putting aside the needs of the real protagonists of the sport. WTF sources consulted by WTM claim that no firm decision has been yet made.
We should not forget that the WTF had a serious legal problem with another recognized company, LaJust, four years ago, a fact that can not be overlooked.


  1. Stf

    Interesting dilemma, selecting only one system creates a monopoly which drives standards down and prices up, a disaster in the long term, but selecting both systems disadvantages smaller teams and poorer nations greatly in the short term as they may not be able to afford both to practice with before the two biggest events of 15-16. PSS has made taekwondo fairer, but has certainly not made it cheaper to participate or better to watch.

  2. arash

    hope that KPP gets selected


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