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Rhodes 2018 World Beach Champs – Day 4: Event successfully wraps up with Korea shining on Saturday

Rhodes 2018 World Beach Champs – Day 4: Event successfully wraps up with Korea shining on Saturday

Results: Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4
Day 4 – Report
The fourth and final day of the Rhodes 2018 World Taekwondo Beach Championships was concluded in total success on Saturday 28 April in Rhodes island, Greece. The event brought a strong dose of vitamin sea and sun to the sport of taekwondo. The majestic images of high jumps, technical breaking and technical skills were combined with the blue of the sky, the summer and the festive mood of the island.
Today’s schedule included the Technical Breaking finals for all Divisions Final and the Free Style Dynamic Kicks & Breaking Challenge final, while it was also broadcast live on Olympic Channel. The team of the Republic of Korea won six gold medals today, while Turkey took the gold medal in the category of High Kick Performance female.
The scenery included happy faces, and teams’ cheering for the outstanding performances of their athletes, resulting in spectacular experience for all contestants and spectators. The medal ceremony was realized with all the teams capturing their commemorative photos, and afterwards, all athletes, IRs and delegates continued their medal “fiesta” at the closing party that was realized at the training area.
Rhodes 2018 World Taekwondo Beach Championships have opened a new chapter for taekwondo that goes outside of usual venues. The live broadcasting of the event has been displaying the majesty of Poomsae in an outdoor space and the technical skills of taekwondo athletes. The images that have been travelling around the world exhibit the atmosphere and how the World Taekwondo Beach Championships brings all athletes together.
Day 3 – Report
The third competition day of the 2018 Rhodes World Taekwondo Championships was successfully concluded with the medal ceremony of the event in stunning sea foreground and the historic castle of Rhodes island.
The spectacular scenery of the event traveled throughout the world, as milestone of the day was the live streaming on the Olympic Channel for the categories of Recognized Poomsae and Freestyle Poomsae finals including all divisions.
Among the countries that collected the highest number of gold medals were Denmark, Thailand, and Finland while the debut of Qatar in the Championships was honored with a gold medal in Recognized Poomsae.
Gold medalists for Recognized Poomsae are as follows. Michelangelo SAMPOGNARO (ITA) in Individual Male Under 17, Frans SALMI (FIN) in Individual Male Under 30, Othman BOULARAS (QAT) in Individual Male Over 30, Eva SANDERSEN (DEN) in Individual Female Under 17, Kubra DAGLI (TUR) in Individual Female Under 30, Wenqi LI (GBR) in Individual Female Over 30, Kanokchanok JAREONYING (THA) and Pattarapong SENGMUEANG (THA) in Pair Under 17, Annaline SOEBERG (DEN) and Benjamin HARDER (DEN) in Pair Under 30, Lisa LENTS (DEN) and Kim NEDERGAARD (DEN) in Pair Over 30, Thanaphat BOMPENTHOMNUMSUK (THA), chawalit Khopana (THA) and Pattarapong Sengmueang (THA) in Team M Under 17, Christian KAMPHUIS (FIN), Frans SALMI (FIN) and Olli SILTANEN (FIN) in Team M Over 17, Kanokchanok JAREONYING (THA), Sakuna LAOSUNGNOEN (THA) and Pichamon LIMPAIBOON (THA) in Team F Under 17, Agnete JENSEN (DEN), Annaline SOEBERG (DEN) and Trine BANZON (DEN) in Team F Over 17.
Gold medalists for Freestyle Poomsae are as follows. Thanaphat BOMPENTHOMNUMSUK (THA) in Male Under 17, Christian KAMPHUIS (FIN) in Individual Male Over 17, Anastasiia SUMENKOVA (FIN) in Individual Female Under 17, Soraya WAHJUDI (NED) in Individual Female Over 17, Elena VARELA DE FATIMA (ESP) and Alejandro LOSADA RODRIGUEZ (ESP) in Pair Over 17, Kanokchanok JAREONYING (THA), Sakuna LAOSUNGNOEN (THA), Thanaphat BOMPENTHOMNUMSUK (THA), Pichamon LIMPAIBOON (THA) and Chawalit KHOPANA (THA) in Team Mixed.
Following, the game schedule for the fourth and final competition day includes the preliminary to semifinal category of Technical Breaking, Free Style Dynamic Kicks & Breaking Challenge. The session of the live broadcasting will be realized from 16:30-18:00 (local time) for the categories of Technical Breaking, Free Style Dynamic Kicks and Breaking Challenge for all divisions, followed by the medal ceremony, the appreciation ceremony dedicated to the promoters, organizers and supporters of the event and the closing party of all the teams and athletes.
Day 2 – Report
RHODES, Greece (April 26, 2018) – The 2018 Rhodes World Taekwondo Beach Championships Competition Day 2 was successfully completed in a festive atmosphere with all the participating national teams being present at the Nautical Club of Rhodes which has been transformed to host the unique taekwondo championships.
The stunning taekwondo spectacle attracted numerous of spectators, who applauded the athletes’ performances in awe. The national teams were actively supporting their athletes out loud and passionately, while the sun, the sea breeze and the summer mood of the event were the evidence that everyone enjoys the championships.
The athletes competed in Freestyle Poomsae Individual Male/Female and Freestyle Poomsae Pair including all divisions. For the Freestyle Poomsae Individual Male/Female category, in total 28 games were completed (preliminary), while the final four players will be included in Day 3 competitions.
The same applies for the Freestyle Poomsae Pair category, with 5 games having been played today, while the final 4 pairs are scheduled for the Competition Day 3.
Freestyle Poomsae Pair category amplified the dynamic of the athletes’ performance, as the music in combination of the synchronization of the pairs, gave a three-dimensional result of high aesthetics, artistry and sports mastery.
The finals of the competition categories will be broadcast live on the Olympic Channel on 27th – 28th April (Competition Day 3 and 4) at 16:30 (local time). After the completion of the broadcast, the medal ceremony will take place at the venue.
Pack your suntan lotion: The 2nd World Taekwondo Beach Championships is already underway on the historic island of Rhodes, Greece, since today April 25 until next Saturday 28.
The Nautical Club of Rhodes, beside the sparkling Aegean, provides the venue, which has been customized especially for the event. The medieval architecture of Rhodes itself, a UNESCO World Heritage site, provides a magnificent inland backdrop and will host the opening ceremony.
The championship does not include the better-known Olympic taekwondo discipline of kyorugi (sparring) competition; instead it focuses on poomsae, representing the more artistic side of the sport. Many talented athletes are expected to compete in a range of events, including poomsae (forms, or martial movement patterns), group poomsae and breaking.
Last year’s champions will be keen to retain their titles, but will be facing stiff competition from the rest of the world as the competition gains wider traction after last year’s inaugural event.
Beach taekwondo was created by WT to take the sport out of the arena and into the sunshine. Uniform codes are relaxed, meaning competitors can wear the kind of customized gear rarely seen in traditional martial arts competition. If they wish, athletes can strip down and show off a bit of muscle, and sunglasses are permitted in some divisions.
The competition offers taekwondo a younger, funkier and more customized look, while providing poomsae athletes with an additional championship on their annual competitive calendar.
“I am looking forward to getting back to the lovely island of Rhodes to enjoy some taekwondo in the sunshine,” said WT President Chungwon Choue. “This is WT’s most creative format, and we are all very curious to see what kind of looks our young athletes will be rocking this year – and what kind of routines they will be showcasing on the mats.”
The Organizing Committee (OC) is comprised of World Taekwondo Europe, the Administration of the South Aegean Region, the Municipality of Rhodes and Sports Traveler 76; OC president is World Taekwondo Europe President Sakis Pragalos.
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