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The upcoming personnel renovation within the WTF creates controversy

The upcoming personnel renovation within the WTF creates controversy

The renovation of personnel within the World Taekwondo Federation is around the corner.
The President of the WTF, Dr. Chungwon Choue, announced that there would be changes of the personnel within the organization between the end of September and beginning of October, but the reality is that none significant changes have been made. The only indication of change has been that some of the current Deputy Secretary Generals have left their position within the Taekwondo governing body worldwide.
In the recent days, a rumor indicating that the WTF is taking into consideration the hiring of a former KTA (Korean Taekwondo Association) Managing Director to fill the vacancy of Deputy Secretary General, has spread.
If this decision is finally confirmed, it would certainly create some controversy within the world of Taekwondo. During his stay at the KTA, the former Managing Director caused dissonances with various figures of the organization, which leads many relevant personalitites within the world of Taekwondo to predict conflicts in the internal functioning of the WTF.
Some of these people are specially against this decision because it is widely known that he former Managing Director of the KTA is directly involved with a PSS company, and thanks to that fact, he would be able to drive the World Taekwondo Federation to take decisions that would be of his personal interest.
The World Taekwondo Federation needs to take the right decision as the good progress of the organization depends on it.
Source: TKDCNN & MasTaekwondo

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