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The WTF Lausanne Office will be the New Headquarters

The WTF Lausanne Office will be the New Headquarters

“The Lausanne office of the World Taekwondo Federation will become the WTF headquarters”
WTF President Choue revealed so on July 4th, during a press conference.
So far, the WTF office in Seoul acted as the headquarters, and the office located at the IOC headquarters in Lausanne served for international matters, especially for Olympic relationships.
However, from this moment, the Lausanne office will be called the “Lausanne International Headquarters” and will be the effective headquarters of the WTF.
President Choue already mentioned this last April at the meeting of the executive committee in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt. At the executive committee meeting celebrated in Shuzhou in June, he officially proposed changing the headquarters to the Lausanne office. His proposal was accepted unanimously.
President Choue said that, “From now on, the Lausanne office will gradually take over all the tasks and duties as the headquarters, including the already existing international and IOC-related ones.”
The Seoul office will be relocated, and will basically include administration and support, and education related tasks and duties.
Currently in the southern part of Seoul, the former headquarters will be relocated around September to Seongnam, a city located southeast from Seoul.
The staff in the Lausanne headquarters and Seongnam will rotate on a regular basis, gradually reinforcing the role of the headquarters.
President Choue’s press conference took place one month before the Olympics with the purpose of wishing for Taekwondo to remain a permanent Olympic event through a successful Taekwondo competition in London.
Whether Taekwondo will stay a permanent Olympic sport will be decided next year at the general assembly of the IOC. President Choue expressed that he thinks that among the summer Olympic events, Taekwondo has an outstanding score, when evaluated objectively. He added positively that if the London Olympics are a success, there will be no problems for Taekwondo to remain a permanent Olympic sport.[:]

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