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The WTF reinstates the Federation of India with immediate effect

The WTF reinstates the Federation of India with immediate effect

With the Indian Olympic Association’s return to the Olympic fold, the World Taekwondo Federation on Wednesday announced that it is reinstating the membership of Taekwondo Federation of India with immediate effect.
“The WTF has been informed that, during its ad-hoc meeting in Sochi on February 11, the IOC Executive Board agreed to reinstate the Indian Olympic Association, the National Olympic Committee of India. Given this development, the WTF would like to inform that the Taekwondo Federation of India has been reinstated, with immediate effect, as a full member of the WTF, with the right to participate in all WTF events, including General Assembly with the voting right. The reinstatement will be later confirmed by the WTF Council on March 18,” WTF secretary general Jean-Marie Ayer wrote in a letter to TFI president Harish Kumar.
A total of 11 Indian athletes participated in last year’s World Taekwondo Championships in Puebla under the WTF flag.
“With the TFI’s full status restored, it is our hope that Taekwondo in India will see further positive developments,” Ayer said.
Source: India Times

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