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TPF Chairman Explained About TAEKWONDOWON at WTF GA

?? TPF chairman Bae Jhong-shin is making a speech at the WTF general assembly on April 3.

Mr. Bae Jhong-shin, Chairman of Taekwondo Promotion Foundation (TPF), made special remarks at the 23rd WTF General Assembly on April 3.

At the General Assembly which was held at International Congress Center in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, Chairman Bae introduced about current construction status of TAEKWONDOWON in Muju, Korea and 2012 World Youth Taekwondo Camp which will be co-hosted by TPF and WTF.

In the speech which was delivered to all member countries of WTF, Chairman Bae stressed that TAEKWONDOWON is to be a taekwondo education, training and research center as a joint asset of world taekwondo people.

In particular, Chairman Bae asked keen interest and support from the world taekwondo leaders to make TAEKWONDOWON most successful.

TAEKWONDOWON, the formerly called the Taekwondo Park, is considered to be the future hub of world taekwondo and is scheduled to open in September, 2013.

?? TPF chairman Bae Jhong-shin.

At the Assembly, Chairman Bae also explained about TPF’s annual project, the World Youth Taekwondo Camp, which will be held in Muju and Seoul, Korea from July 19 to 24 this year.

He said young participants from all over the world at the Camp will have an opportunity to bring their Olympic dreams closer by becoming steeped in the spiritual values of taekwondo, and their taekwondo skills.

With its ideal goal for the global harmony and friendship through taekwondo along with its positive outcomes, the annual Camp has enjoyed a high reputation from IOC members and other sports leaders in the world.


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