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TPF Lured Travel Bloggers to TAEKWONDOWON

On April 23, 2012, Taekwondo Promotion Foundation (TPF) invited 20 influential travel bloggers to TAEKWONDOWON with the purpose of promoting online publicity.

Upon arrival in Muju where TAEKWONDOWON is under construction, the bloggers were briefed about current preparatory status of TAEKWONDOWON, then enjoyed a field tour of the construction site.

After the field trip, many bloggers commented that TAEKWONDOWON could be a ideal place for the all-purpose taekwondo training and education with its clean and natural surroundings.
The entire TAEKWONDOWON project, to be completed by September, 2013, is expected to provide tens of millions of taekwondo practitioners around the world a place to gather and hone their bodies, spirits and minds.

After TAEKWONDOWON, bloggers continued their trip to a number of tourist attractions in Muju such as Cherry Blossom Tunnel, Meoru (Korean wild grapes) Wine Tunnel, and Mt. Jeoksang Sago (Royal Archive of Chosun Dynasty).

Bloggers participated in the tour boasts massive readerships through his or her respective post in major Korean portal sites such as Naver, Daum. In this regard, TPF expects the field tour would be a significant momentum to draw public attention on TAEKWONDOWON and Muju.

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