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TPF-UC Berkeley to Step Up Academic Exchanges

Korea Taekwondo Promotion Foundation (TPF) signed a memorandum of understanding with the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) in April 17, 2012.

The MOU signed by TPF Chairman Bae Jhong-shin and UC Berkeley Vice Chancellor Ron T. Coley is expected to step up academic and personal exchanges between the two institutions, and to strengthen partnership for more effective organizing of international taekwondo symposium in the future.

 TPF and UC Berkeley have co-hosted the international symposium on taekwondo four times since 2007. The co-hosted symposium has been highly acclaimed at home and abroad to promote taekwondo spirit and its educational values as a global sport.

 According to the memorandum, the two parties are going to cooperate closely for successful hosting of the international taekwondo symposium over the next 5 years.

Further, they will exert their joint efforts for the promotion of taekwondo and TAEKWONDOWON to the world.

To this end, TPF will recognize UC Berkeley Martial Arts as one of the programs of TAEKWONDOWON while UC Berkeley will promote TAEKWONDOWON through its overseas satellite program.

 In addition, both parties agreed to exchange academic materials of mutual interest and educational programs including sample trainers or lectures.


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