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Triple World Champion Brigitte Yagüe announces retirement

Triple World Champion Brigitte Yagüe announces retirement

The Spanish Taekwondo athlete Brigitte Yagüe, Olympic runner-up at London 2012, admitted today that the loss of “illusion, motivation and desire to win” led her to decide retiring from the official competition.
Yagüe didn’t hide her feelings during the press conference, and after wasting some tears, stated that she now hopes to reconcile with “happiness”.
In recent times, Yagüe lost “illusion, motivation and desire to win”, she added. The best Spanish Taekwondo athlete ever “suffered”.
“These are symptoms to make the decision,” she commented accompanied, among others, by Xavi Torres, Paralympic swimmer and the kids of the national synchronized swimming team, led by Marga Crespi.
The physical problems that have noew dictated the end of Brigitte’s career did also threaten to take her away from the tatami in 2007, but she finally took advantage of the situation to clinch a silver medal at London 2012.
Yagüe won the world title in 2003, 2007 and 2009 and the European Championships in 1998, 2002, 2004 and 2008.
In addition to these achievements, she holds a silver (2005) and a bronze (2012) in Europeans, as well as two silvers in world championships in 2001 and 2005, and a third place in China 2011 World Championships.
The attraction she felt for the fight films with ten years old motivated her passion for a sport in which today is an absolute idol. She started tasting world class golds at the World Junior Championship in 1998 in Turkey.
With 34 years and standing in the tenth place on the Olympic ranking – which would force her to compete at the pre-Olympic for which Spain has only one vacant-, Brigitte Yagüe announces his retirement after being unable to overcome a new injury that marks the end of her period in the Spanish team, where she met her husband, two-time world champion Juan Antonio Ramos.
It was precisely him who revealed that leaving professional Taekwondo would mean “a liberation” for Brigitte. “Her everyday routine was very hard”, he explained.
“A few months ago I realized that I no longer was the same athlete on the tatami”, added Yagüe. “I won but remained being unexcited and began to ponder the possibility to retire, although I wanted to be sure about the step I was about to make. Now I feel that I have removed a weight off”, she said.
Without the pressure imposed by competition and the need for results, Brigitte Yagüe will combine the studies of psychology with the activity at the Elite Taekwondo Club, which she runs along her husband in Palma.

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