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Turkey loses 2 golds against Korea at the World Junior TKD Championships

?? Final of the male +78kg category. Yong-Sik Kim of Korea beat Turkish Ensar Uguz by 16-7.

Korea showed some pride as the mother country of taekwondo by winning 2 gold medals on the first day of the 9th WTF World Junior Taekwondo Championships.

On April 4th, Korean athletes Yong-Sik Kim (male +78kg) and Min-Ah Ha (female -52kg) won in their cateogories at the first day of the championship that took place in Sharm El-Sheihk. This moved Korea up directly to the first place of the overall results by countries. 

From 4 categories that were disputed on that day, Korea won over Turkey to win both of the gold medals. 

In the male +78kg category, Yong-Sik Kim beat Turkish Ensar Uguz by 16-7. In the female +52kg category, Min-Ah Ha fought against Durdane Cakir and won 15-6, also by a difference of 9 points.

Korea also went to the final in the male -59kg category, this time against Chinese Taipei. Hyeok-Jae Goh was winning 6-5 against Ping-Shun Wang until the last second, when the Taiwanese athlete turned around the score to 6-8 with a head-kick that gave him 3 points.

Alexandra Potapova from Russia won the gold medal in the female +68kg after beating Serbian Ana Bajic in the final. The Serbian athlete was winning 10-7 against Potapova, but lost in the final result due to cumulative gyeong-go’s (a total of eight).

All national teams, referees and everyone related to the championship were present in the opening ceremony, which started at 5 p.m. The program consisted of a welcoming event followed by a special event in which an appreciation plaque was given to Khaled Fuda, governor of South Sinai, for his collaboration in the organization of the championships, and to Dr. AmrKhairy, for the legacy he has left in the Olympic history of Egyptian taekwondo.

Back when he was a taekwondo athlete, Dr. AmrKhairy won a silver and bronze medal respectively at the Seoul 1988 and Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games, and won a gold medal in the World Taekwondo Championships in 1989. The crowd received him with a big applause as he entered in a wheelchair, due to his health conditions.

There are 749 athletes from 88 countries participating in this championship, which will run until April 8th. On the second day, the male -51kg, -73kg and female -46kg and -63kg categories will be disputed.


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