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Un Yong Kim, Former WTF President,inducted into Hall of Fame

Un Yong Kim, Former WTF President,inducted into Hall of Fame

Former WTF President Un Yong Kim has been inducted into the Hall of Fame. The American Biographical Institute (ABI) decided to recognize Kim’s noble service to the sports and education field and sent him a personal announcement on June 12th.
ABI is one of the 3 international biographical history publishers, together with the American Marquis Who’s Who and the International Biographical Centre in Cambridge, UK.
C.A. Mitchell, Editor-in-Chief of the ABI said in a letter sent to Dr. Kim, “(Former President Kim) is a strong man who overcame difficulties with pride and a sense of purpose” and that “I hope you will exert a positive influence on people around you”.
The former WTF President, also a former diplomat, established the World Taekwondo Federation, and contributed to the inclusion of Taekwondo as an Olympic sport. He was IOC Vice-President for successive periods, and has been an important figure in the world of Taekwondo.
He is still active today, passing down his knowledge and experience by giving lectures to younger generations in South Korea.

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