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University of Botswana and South Korean embassy partner to develop Taekwondo

University of Botswana and South Korean embassy partner to develop Taekwondo

Yeon secured the agreement on behalf of the South Korean Embassy, with the official joining the university’s vice chancellor, Professor Thabo Fako, at a ceremony.
Under the terms of the MoU, the university in capital city Gaborone will provide both facilities and space for taekwondo training sessions to take place.
South Korea will, in return, provide teachers and coaches to run taekwondo workshops during the next year.
Fako claimed the agreement could help to provide stronger relations between Botswana and South Korea, taekwondo’s spiritual home, in the future.
He suggested that the “simple concept” of working together through taekwondo could be viewed as a stepping stone for further partnerships.

The University of Botswana are set to provide sporting facilities while South Korea will supply coaches during the partnership ©University of Botswana

It is hoped that further cooperation could be achieved across other sports.
This idea was backed by Yeon, who claimed there would be more exchange programmes between South Korea and Botswana in 2017.
He said a media room would be set up to provide students with computers and electronic equipment, which would aid their studies, while South Korean professors may also visit the university.
Source: Insidethegames (Michael Pavitt)

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