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US Generals meet Taekwondowon

US Generals meet Taekwondowon

On May 24, 9 senior officials of Unites States National Defense Corps (USNDC) visited Taekwondo Promotion Foundation (TPF) to learn about TAEKWONDOWON.
Major General Joseph V. Potter, Commanding General of USNDC, led the group which was comprised of General Tan Dara Thach, Commander of the 8th Division, USNDC and other senior officials.
Members of USNDC are volunteers from the retired and prior military personnel comprising 22 divisions. USNDC’s main mission is to provide US local governments, state and federal agencies with trained and qualified manpower in response to natural or man-made disasters.
In consideration of importance of martial arts to implement its mission successfully, USNDC founded Taekwon Brigade in last March 2012 and appointed Master In-kon Park, President of US Taekwondo Federation, as the first Taekwon Brigade Commander.
At TPF, the group received slide and video presentations on construction and preparation of TAEKWONDOWON followed by a question and answer session with TPF officials.
At his welcoming speech, TPF Chairman Bae Jhong-shin expressed his deep gratitude to US veterans who devotedly served in Korea and Vietnam to protect the allied nations’ freedom and peace.
Chairman Bae also explained the role of TAEKWONDOWON as a hub of world taekwondo and asked USNDC’s interest and cooperation to promote TAEKWONDOWON in the US.
In a return speech, General Potter said that opening of TAEKWONDOWON in 2013 would be a great opportunity to spread noble taekwondo spirit such as courtesy, integrity, and discipline throughout the world.
During the visit to TPF, General Potter awarded TPF Chairman Bae the Medal of the USNDC Homeland Security in recognition of outstanding defense of the United States.
General Potter served 3 tours of duty in Vietnam (1967-1972) and flew over 400 combat missions. His joint military assignments included ROK-US Combined Field Army in Korea.
Retired from the US Air Force with 28 years service, General Potter has become National Commanding General of the USNDC after serving as National Commander of the US Volunteers and the US Vietnamese-American Veterans Alliance (USVAVA) consecutively.
The group is going to visit US Veterans’ Cemetery at Yanghwa-jin to pay a tribute to the deceased senior veterans on May 30.

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