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Warning signs on for the Korean Olympic TKD

?? Korean Olympic TKD Team.

Red warning signs are on for the Korean Taekwondo Team for the upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games.

The reason is the poor final result of one bronze medal at the “Test Event for the London 2012 Olympic Games”, which is seen as the rehearsal for the Olympics. 

On the last day of the Test Event, male -80kg Sang-Bin Lee, and female +67kg Hye-Mi Park, Sae-Bom Ahn and In-Jong Lee competed without obtaining any gold medals. 

Sang-Bin Lee, originally +80kg, participated in a lower category in order to be in this competition, and lost again Ramin Azizov in the semifinals. In this match, the referee’s inexperienced actions were criticized but the result was indeed a lost match. Due to an injury, Lee even withdrew from fighting for the bronze medal.

With three Korean athletes in the female +67kg category, the Korean team expected to meet Gwladys Épangue. However only Sae-Bom Ahn made it to fight against her. It was in the quarterfinals, and although she made an effort, she was not able to outscore veteran Épangue.

Hye-Mi Park and In-Jong Lee fought against each other in the quarterfinals, where Park ended up as the winner. She dumbfoundedly failed to pass the semifinals against Anastasia Baryshnikova and missed the chance to fight Épangue.

In the end, Épangue made it to the finals and won against Baryshnikova, reserving, in a way, the gold medal for next year’s Olympics.

The Korean team’s Head Coach Se-hyuk Kim said that “indeed, we lost” but added: “I am not heavily disappointed by the results, since the European training program was not organized with the purpose of obtaining results, but was part of the training process for the Olympic Games. However, we will need a better preparation taking both the PSS variable and the European athletes’ talent into account.” 

After the Test Event, the Korean Team will be heading to Paris, France for the Paris International Taekwondo Open on December 10-11 and will return to South Korea on December 13.

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