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What is the Taekwondo Park?(1)

Do you know The Taekwondo Park? The Taekwondo Park is constructing in Korea. It is expected to be completed in 2013. Let’s know the facts about the Taekwondo Park.(WTM)

?? Bird’s-eye view of Taekwondo Park.

<The Taekwondo Park Overview>

– San 199-11 Socheon-ri, Seolcheon-myeon, Muju-gun,
Jeollabuk-do (North Jeolla Province), Republic of Korea

*Site area
– 2,314,000??


– Body Zone
: Taekwondo Arena, Taekwondo Experience Hall, Taekwondo Exhibition Hall/Visitors Center, Taekwondo Form Sculpture Park, World Taekwondo Village, Open Plaza, Outdoor Training Site, Management Building, Parking Lot

– Mind Zone
: World Taekwondo Academy (WTA), Taekwondo Research Center, Training Center, Open Training Site, Multipurpose Stadium, Traditional Korean Garden, Operation Center, Dining Hall

– Spirit Zone
: Taekwon-jeon, Myungin-kwan, Honorary Park, Water Terrace, Observatory
-Private Fund Facilities: Hotels, traditional Korean home accommodations, youth hostel, condominiums, amenities, Oriental Medicine Experience Center, indoor spa, outdoor leisure facilities

?? images of Taekwondo Park.

<The Taekwondo Park Features>

– Three unique areas (Body Zone, Mind Zone and Spirit Zone)

* Body Zone: This Taekwondo exhibition and activity center delivers enjoyment for everyone.
* Mind Zone: Here trainees can attend professional Taekwondo training sessions and take part in sports research. Lodging is available.
* Spirit Zone: This space allows visitors to pay tribute to the spiritual and mental qualities of Taekwondo masters and senior degree holders.

– The five thousand-seat Taekwondo arena is informed by the three Taegeuk elements of heaven, earth, and humanity from Oriental philosophy, representing the fundamental spirit of Taekwondo and serving as symbols for Korea.

– The six bridges embody each level of Taekwondo advancement, reflecting the spiritual perfection of the martial art.

– A spectacular vista of nine valleys and eight scenic overlooks can be found at the naturally blessed site of Mt.Baegunsan in Muju.

(Sources from Taekwondo Park Foundation)

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