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Who will represent Korea in London 2012?

Korea aimed for 4 categories at the World Qualification Tournament held last month in Baku, Azerbaijan, and was qualified for all 4 categories. Dong-Min Cha, Dae-Hoon Lee, Sae-Bom An and Mi-Kyung Kim were the protagonists. However, they will not be next year in London yet.

“Being selected for the Korean National Team is harder than getting a gold medal at the Olympics” is the reality of Taekwondo in Korea. Obviously, the level of Taekwondo keeps increasing worldwide and being part of the Korean National Team does not equal to being the best, yet being selected for the Korean Team is still an arduous process.

On July 21st and 22nd the first National Team Qualifier for the London 2012 Olympic Games was held in Seong-Nam, Korea.
130 athletes have competed for the 4 weight categories under which Korea will participate at the Olympic Games: male -58kg, +80kg and female -67kg, +67kg.

The following athletes, first and second in their respective categories, have been selected to participate at the Final National Team Qualifier for the London 2012 Olympic Games:
-Male -58kg
1)Young-Sang Choi
2)Seung-Woo Seok
-Male +80kg
1)Bong-Soo Kim
2)Sang-Ha Kang
-Female -67kg
1)Bo-Hyun Kang
2)Hye-Rin Cho
-Female +67kg
1)Seung-Hee Kim
2)In-Jong Lee

The athletes above will have to compete against the second and third winners of the Final National Team Qualifiers for the World Olympic Qualification Tournament which was held in June:

-Male -58kg
2) Gil-Soo Lee
3) Chul-Ho Lim
-Male +80kg
2) Kyo-Don In
3) Sang-Bin Lee
-Female -67kg
2) Kyung-Seon Hwang
3) Hwi-Rang Kim
-Female +67kg
2) Hye-Ri Oh
3) Hye-Mi Park

Each of these four competitors per weight category will compete at the Final Team Qualifier for the London 2012 Olympic Games which will be held in August 10th.

The first and second winner of each weight category will enter the Taereung Training Centre and will train together with the four athletes who got the tickets to London in Azerbaijan. The three athletes of each weight category will be evaluated three times at the beginning of next year and only one out of the three will be chosen for the London 2012 Olympic Games.
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