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World Taekwondo Olympic Rankings – Top 16: March 2020

World Taekwondo Olympic Rankings – Top 16: March 2020

Jang (Korea), Lee (Korea), Khramtcov (Russia), Larin (Russia), Wongpattanakit (Thailand), Jones (Great Britain) and Walkden (Great Britain) retain their top position as Jelic (Croatia) overtakes Gbagbi (Ivory Coast) in W-67

Take a look at the current status of the eight Olympic rankings of World Taekwondo as of March 1st 2020. The same four male athletes and three out of the four female fighters that reigned in February have managed to retain their priveleged positions in front of the race to earn a ticket for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

In Men’s -80 kg, Khramtcov (RUS) is followed by the double world champion Beigi Harchegani (AZE), who took back the second position after overtaking the reigning Olympic champion three months ago, Cheick Sallah Cisse (CIV), one of the Taekwondo stars sponsored by Daedo. The three of them keep standing out as the kings of the division, while in the Men’s heaviest class, Men’s +80 kg, Larin (RUS), In (KOR) and Bachmann (Germany), who overtook Issoufou (NIG) –Daedo athlete– two monts ago, and Trajkovic (Slovenia) are the competitors who set the standard of the class at the moment.

Another Daedo fighter, the Korean superstar Dae-hoon Lee, reigns once again on the highest position of the Men’s -68 kg category with more than 100 points ahead of their pursuer, world champion Bradly Sinden (GBR). In Men’s -58 kg, Jun Jang (Korea) took away the throne from his compatriot Tae-hun Kim (Korea Daedo Team) last October and has managed to keep it once again. Jesus Tortosa (Spain –Daedo Team-) lost the 3rd position because of Vito Dell’aquila’s (Italy) irruption in the podium of the division in January, overtaking no less than 3 fighters, and retains the 4th spot of the category.

Panipak Wongpattanakit from Thailand retains the 1st place in Women’s -49 kg with 522.54 points, almost 120 points ahead of Korean star Jae-young Sim and a bit less than 150 points more than Tijana Bogdanovic from Serbia, member of Team Daedo, who has lost the 3rd spot to Rukiye Yildirim from Turkey, who holds now the third place. Double Olympic champion Jingyu Wu (China) remains in the top 10, holding the 7th position.

In Women’s -57 kg, double Olympic champion Jade Jones (GBR) remains untouchable as the solid leader, but is now followed closely by Hatice Ilgun from Turkey, who has overtaken Lee (KOR), double world champion Irem Yaman (Turkey), another Daedo athlete, and Kudashova from Russia ito take the second place.

Matea Jelic from Croatia is the new leader of the Women’s -67 kg division after overtaking the former leader of the division, Ruth Gbagbi from Ivory Coast. Nur Tatar, who held the top position for some months after winning the silver medal in Manchester last May, holds now the third place.

In Women’s +67 kg, no significant changes have affected the leaders of the race, with Walkden (GBR) and Zheng (CHN) mantaining their privileged spots and Mandic (Serbia, Team Daedo competitor) overtaking Lee (Korea) to take the 3rd place.

The points awarded to each athlete take into consideration all the events held until the end of February 2020 on the World Taekwondo official calendar.

Women’s -49 kg

Women’s -57 kg

Women’s -67 kg

Women’s +67 kg

Men’s -58 kg

Men’s -68 kg

Men’s -80 kg

Men’s +80 kg


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