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World University Taekwondo Championship underway

The 12th World University Taekwondo Championship started today with Poomsae competitions and the Opening Ceremony in Pocheon, South Korea.
The 1st medals of the 12th WUC Taekwondo in Poomsae were awarded to Korea, Iran, Chinese Taipei and the Philippines.
After the competition, the Opening Ceremony was held and it started with a wonderful performance from the Pocheon Museum of Folk Art troupe.
The opening speech was made by Mr Seo Jang Won, mayor of Pocheon and President of the LOC. He was followed by FISU Executive Committee member, Mrs Penninah Kabenge, who invited Mr Jong Chan Kim, the town Mayor of Pocheon, to declare the 12th World University Taekwondo Championship open.
FISU Executive Committee member Chong Yang Kim joined fellow FISU colleagues Dr. Dusan Hamar (Medical Commission member), Ken Min (CT Chair Taekwondo) and Dorjsuren Jargalsaikhan (International Control Commission) in attendance of the magnificent ceremony composed of various artistic performances and Taekwondo exhibitions, namely from the Korea Tiger demonstration team.
The official figures for the 12th World University Taekwondo Championship are 518 participants from 47 countries.
(Source=2012 WUC Taekwondo OC)[:]

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