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WT and ITF meet in Wuxi to develop 'One Taekwondo'

WT and ITF meet in Wuxi to develop 'One Taekwondo'

World Taekwondo (WT) and International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) held a meeting at the World Taekwondo Wuxi Centre on December 15, 2018. The meeting was a follow-up to the historic agreement signed in Pyongyang, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, on November 2, 2018.
The WT delegation was led by President Chungwon Choue, and Vice Presidents Ahmed Fouly and Kyuseok Lee. The ITF delegation was led by President Ri Yong Son and Senior Vice-President Hwang Ho Yong.
Both organizations discussed comprehensively on a strategic roadmap, including the creation of a committee tasked with jointly developing the implementation plans for the realization of ‘One Taekwondo’.
The WT and ITF officials also attended the WT Grand Slam Champions Series held on December 12-16, and the inaugural World Taekwondo Wuxi Forum on December 16.
The World Taekwondo Wuxi Centre was created in July 2018 with the aim of supporting WT’s education and development programs. Wuxi will be the host city of the WT World Taekwondo Championships and World Para-Taekwondo Championships in 2021.

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