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WTE suspends German leaders and referees

WTE suspends German leaders and referees

World Taekwondo Europe, the Taekwondo governing body in the old continent, has suspended all German Taekwondo Federation (Deutsche Taekwondo Union – DTU) board members as well as some German regional presidents until forther notice.

This action from WTE has also affected German International Referees, who will also be unable to work at the events sanctioned by the European Taekwondo governing body for the time being.

The reasons behind this drastic decision are the accusations of financial misconduct within WTE made by the DTU in public, which the continental union finds absolutely false.

WTE main leaders have also had in consideration the fact that the DTU never addressed them to inquire about the doubts they had about the financial plan of the European governing body for Taekwondo before making them public and accused them of such a serious crime.

Despite this unpleasant dispute, all German Taekwondo athletes will still be able to compete in the official competitions on WTE’s calendar for the current year.

This is the statement released by World Taekwondo:

“The Deutsche Taekwondo Union has been falsely and publicly accusing World Taekwondo Europe of financial misconduct. Before making these slanderous accusations, the federation had the opportunity to address any questions to World Taekwondo Europe. However, the federation deliberately chose to publicly attack World Taekwondo Europe and its officials.

This is unacceptable and lacks all best practices of good governance. Taekwondo Europe started an investigation into the matter and pending the investigation preliminary suspended the DTU board members as well as a number of German regional presidents. In addition, Taekwondo Europe will not invite any German International Referees until further notice. For the sake of clarity, these recent developments in no way affect the ability for German Athletes to participate at events.”


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