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WTF and ITF strengthen ties

WTF and ITF strengthen ties

The President of the World Taekwondo Federation (WTF), Dr. Chungwon Choue, and the President of the International Taekwondo Federation, Dr. Chang Ung, met last Friday March 8th at Turnhalle St Georg restaurant, located in Hamburg (Germany), on occasion of the holding of the German Open 2013, which is being played this weekend. The meeting, held in a relaxed atmosphere, helped both organizations strengthening their ties, as they committed to promote Taekwondo together around the world from now on.
With this verbal agreement, President Choue and his counterpart Chang Ung certified the good relationship that both organizations hold nowadays, leaving behind the distancing that they shared in the past, when each Federation decided to follow its own path.
The wish of both parties is to certify an agreement in the coming days that will allow all WTF competitors to participate in the events organized by the ITF with only one condition: respect its current competition rules. The same will happen with ITF athletes willing to take part in the events organized by the WTF. This initiative will also include the Poomsae competitions of each organization.
In addition, the imminent agreement could also include the unification of the Official Demostration Teams of both Federations, which would mix together to create a unique Demostration Team, made of athletes from both the WTF and the ITF.

WTF Vice-President Sun-Jae Park, ITF President Dr. Chang Ung, WTF President Dr. Chungwon Choue, DTU President Soo-Nam Park and ETU President Sakis Pragalos at German Open 2013′s official dinner

All these initiatives follow a clear objective: leaving any past disagreement and rivalry behind to work together in consolidating Taekwondo as as a truly global sport.
The WTF and the ITF are expected to hold a press conference in the coming days to inform the Taekwondo Family Worldwide about all the details of the yesterday’s agreement, which will still be subject to the approval of the WTF Council and the General Assembly, as well as the corresponding ITF bodies.
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  1. Solaiman Sikder

    It will be a great idea or activities for the batter and popular TKD Sports in each nation. Four (4) Karate style play in a name of Karate so that Karate is a common name in Bangladesh. WTF and ITF is affiliated by National Sports Council of Bangladesh but TKD is not so popular game in Bangladesh. TKD need to work together for the benefit of TKD.
    “The wish of both parties is to certify an agreement in the coming days that will allow all WTF competitors to participate in the events organized by the ITF with only one condition: respect its current competition rules. The same will happen with ITF athletes willing to take part in the events organized by the WTF”.
    I hope this matter will be approve of the WTF and ITF Council and the General Assembly as soon as possible.
    Solaiman Sikder
    Black Belt, ITF and WTF TKD.

    • ISRAEL

      I am very happy to see this 2 organisatuon in 1 cooperative mission & for this TKD is going to sand stronger than ever also it will bring all family of Taekwondo together as one, that’s the only sign of honoring the founder of tkd General CHOI.

  2. Dagoberto

    A better news for the taekwondo, beside its solidarity in the olimpic movement coulndt be better.

  3. krishna Balal

    This is good news .Taekwondo should be one .This was dreams founder of Taekwondo General Choi Hong Hi.

  4. Gustavo

    dos cosas, a la WTF se le acabo su tiempo en las olimpiadas ahora la WTF no le queda nada y la linea de Hung , que podemos decir, ni siquiera es taekwondista??? traiciona los preceptos del Gral Choi y quiere convertir un arte marcial en un deporte……

  5. Gustavo

    sorry …. but it is a great idea, it is a poor idea … now WTF is agreed that there is ITF??? because the WTF will no longer have anywhere to compete??? the ITF from when the matter be recognized by Sport>?? ITF sport …. not because they did not remember before when Gen. Choi betrayed in life and gave him back his teachers??? Hung taekwondista not even know this person ……….. that Taekwondo??? betrays the foundations and the conception of Takwon ITF-do you know why??? because they do not care … just because it is …… I would tell you before attaching Hung WTF and ITF … priority to 3 lines of ITF Taekwondo in the world … to gather first ITF …. then think of the WTF if he wants …. so I say that the ITF does not care …. do not do much advertising … nor applaud …. the ITF does not care … should think about joining in the world … the 3 major lines that would be worth and honor to the memory of Gen. Choi

    • aday margulan

      Actually iTF is not Olympic sport and its really not enough to compiete with WTF. WTF IS WTF. Every WTF Athlets 100 time better than ItF athlets.Sorry to say but it is true.

  6. Julio Hernandez

    Una excelente noticia, ha sido siempre la aspiración de muchos taekwondoistas, entre los que me incluyo, que el taekwondo sea uno, respetando la diversidad.

  7. Ralph Schueler

    My name is Ralph Schueler I’m a 6th Dan under Gen Choi Hong Hi A-6-37 1995. Yes it was Gen Choi’s dream to bring the ITF & WTF together. Will the North Korean ITF talk with the other very strong ITF’s?? Will the WTF talk to them too?? I stayed with the same ITF for over 30 yrs the one that Gen. Choi himself Founded. I respect all of the ITF leaders for there dedication but it’s time to become ONE!!!

  8. Ralph Schueler

    By I also think that WTF style Olympic Sport TKD is a Bad demonstration of what Real Taekwon-Do truly is. I had to make excuses to my Students & Parents for the Olympic TKD style that they watched on TV!! It was so “”BAD”” it makes all the other Arts put TK-D down. All of that mess needs to be CHANGER BIG TIME!!! The Olympics did Suck!! Ralph Schueler A-6-37 ITF!! Taekwon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Gabe

      Agree 100%

  9. sergii

    Dream Gen. Choi Hong Hi was unite disparate schools ITF and not give up its positions simulator lead and imitators who only use the name Taekwondo, please do not be confused, read as follows Encyclopedia Taekwondo. This merger will forever transform the martial arts to sports.

  10. Noor Mohammad Shirzai 4th Dan ITF certify

    According to me,If we all tkd practitioners around the world regardless of affiliations really want the strengthen and development of tkd we should be united and one and we should not have careless statements for damaging our tkd and must obey our leaders agreements that they are doing for tkd betterment.
    12,March,2013 Kabul,Afghanistan

  11. ary alakija

    wtf in Brazil spotted the name taekwondo is taken with a bad art but itf in the fight to raise the good name of the taekwondo wtf which messed with their tecnica this false idea is a double-edged sword.

  12. Gerardo DeJesus

    Tae Kwon Do should be one ,General Choi Hong Hi wanted this long ago ,Great

  13. silvere touembou

    the two styles will gain a lot by this reconciliation



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