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WTF clarifies the role of its future Academy

WTF clarifies the role of its future Academy

The World Taekwondo Federation has issued a press realease today to clarify the role that the WTF Academy, which is about to be oficially established, is expected to serve in the future. The WTF has decided to act in order to end with the wrong speculations that an article published on MasTaekwondo website last February 22nd had originated, as it contained some misinformation that needed to be corrected.
The WTF wants to make clear that the Academy’s objective is to only serve as an educational institute for basic level, providing education and training to coaches, instructors and referees that aspire to more advanced activities at the international level. The WTF also wants to point out that the Academy will always work under consultation with all relevant committees within the Federation, which means it will not replace any existing training program.
The article on MasTaekwondo claimed that the training and refresher courses for International Referees (IR) that are currently under control of the WTF Referee Commission, headed by Mr. Chakir Chelbat, would be transferred to the Academy’s duties. As such, the statement seems to deny that point.
As every other WTF project, the Academy and its activities are still subject to the definition and approval of the WTF Council and General Assembly, always upon consultation with relevant WTF Committees. The Federation expects that the WTF Academy will provide great support to the Taekwondo family.
Click on the link below to read the full press realease:
WTF Press release
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