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WTF decides to terminate contract with LaJust

The World Taekwondo Federation has decided to terminate the PSS Recognition Contract with LaJust.

This decision was made at the WTF Executive Council meeting that took place in Vladivostok, Russia on July 28 and the final approval of this decision will be made through an electronic voting system at the WTF General Assembly.

Last month LaJust had filed a request for an injunction against the use of non-LaJust PSS at the World Qualification Tournament, claiming that the WTF had broken the agreement between the two parties and requesting to be paid 1,000US$ (1,000,000 KRW) per match held with non-LaJust PSS. With approximately 300 matches running at the Tournament, this would amount up to 300,000US$ (300,000,000 KRW). Eventually, the request was approved by the Seoul Central District Court just a few days before the Tournament.

Faced with this situation, the WTF decided not to use PSS at the Tournament and this provoked further legal action from LaJust, who sued both the WTF President and Secretary General for defamation. On July 25, the Anyang Regional Office of the Suwon District Court accepted the provisional seizure of the WTF’s bank accounts and Kukkiwon’s support funds to WTF, quantified in approximately 4 million US$ (4 billion KRW).

Such news was delivered to the Executive Council members just one day before the meeting took place, which was held privately on July 28. The meeting was scheduled from 10am to 12pm, but after a break in between, it continued from 4pm to 7pm as a debate marathon.

According to one of the Executive Council members, the Executive Council understands the situation of the WTF headquarters and qualifying “these attacks by LaJust as intolerable”, they “urged the WTF to take a strong stance against the aggressions by LaJust” through the support letter sent to the WTF President Dr. Choue today. The letter also affirmed that the WTF “200 Member National Associations will not allow this continuing damage to the Taekwondo Movement”.

After these two legal defeats, the WTF is determined to do its best to justify its position. A WTF high-level official commented that “even though LaJust was not selected for the Olympics, we considered LaJust as one of our partners and did not take an aggressive reaction in order to avoid the worst case scenario for them. However, we have come the conclusion that there is a limit for the patience of the WTF”.

LaJust has already announced that it will continuously file lawsuits against the WTF and the WTF also expressed a strong reaction through the Executive Council, hence it is expected that there will be an irreconcilable conclusion between the two parties. 

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