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WTF Demo Team amazes Mexican fans

WTF Demo Team amazes Mexican fans

The WTF official Demo Team made an impression on the numerous Mexican Taekwondo fans during its spectacular performances on occasion of the Puebla 2013 WTF World Taekwondo Championships, held throughout last week in the Mexican city.
The Demo Team of the Taekwondo governing body worldwide was present at the official presentation of the event, which took place last November at Puebla’s City Hall courtyard. The WTF Demo Team displayed some of its best tricks in front of the Puebla city, FMTKD and WTF authorities, taking part in an event that was used to make the agreement official for the Taekwondo family worldwide.

WTF Demo Team at Puebla City Hall

The WTF Demo Team was also responsible for making the first Taekwondo performance in Puebla on occasion of the WTF World Taekwondo Championships. Before any of the athletes had started to fight at the Exhibition Center, the members of the Demo Team put on their brand new Daedo tracksuits and doboks to take the courtyard of Santo Domingo Temple to perform a spectacular and lively show that fascinated the hundreds of Taekwondo fans that gathered in one of Puebla’s most historical monuments. Impossible breaking techniques, turnaround jumps, perfect synchroniation… the spectators could do nothing else than staying open-mouthed. It was the first show in which Daedo was present as the new main sponsor of the WTF Demo Team.

WTF Demo Team at Puebla 2013 opening ceremony

The members of the Demo Team were also an important part of the magnificent Puebla 2013 opening ceremony, as they were the first Taekwondo athletes to step on the Exhibition Center centra tatami. They performed an event more spectacular and colourful show that was followed with huge enthusiasm by the 6,000 spectators. The Mexican crowd, worldwide known for being one of the most animated audiences in the sports world -they were the ones to create the mexican wave during the 1986 footbal World Cup-, applauded every single action performed by these chosen Taekwondo athltes, giving them a deafening final ovation that had nothing to envy the purely competition ones.
The WTF Demo Team really took advantage of its presence in one of the best Taekwondo events ever, there is no doubt about it. Taekwondo fans around the world will be now expecting its performances in the all relevant Taekwondo competitions.
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