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WTF make efforts to expand Global Athlete Licence


The WTF Spurs more efforts to expand its Global Athlete Licence and Global Membership System by providing state-of-the-art video features for the members of the two systems. 
The state-of-the-art video features will allow each GAL member to have his or her own video gallery showing all videos of their matches competed in all WTF-promoted tournaments in which they have participated on their own individual GAL profile page. Athletes registered for a GAL need not take the trouble to visit and search for the videos of their matches. Furthermore, all the videos are indexed with important moments of each competition.
 The integration process for the new feature is already under way, and the athletes who will participate in the upcoming 2011 WTF Poomsae Championships to be held at Vladivostok, Russia, on July 29th to 31st, 2011 will be the first who can enjoy this benefit.

All GAL Members will be able to log into their own personalized page by entering their unique WTF GAL ID number followed by their password at

?? Global Athlete Licence Card

The WTF Global Athlete License (GAL) System was launched in February this year to gather valuable information on WTF’s top competing athletes with a view to marketing the sport and leading to a more efficient event management process.  
All licenced athletes receive a unique WTF ID number and licence card which will is used to identify and verify the athlete at all WTF-promoted championships. 

Key taekwondo data are stored and accessible online through the unique WTF ID number that each athlete has.

Registration for GAL is mandatory for athletes participating in the WTF-promoted tournaments. Since the licence became mandatory in May 2011 more than 3000 top-tier athletes from over 150 member countries have registered for the WTF Global Athlete Licence. With the European Taekwondo Union (ETU) making the WTF GAL mandatory for all ETU events from Jan 2012 it is expected there will be over 10,000 GAL athletes who would have registered by December 2012 when the first licence period will finish.

The WTF GAL will be expanded to WTF-sanctioned events from the second period beginning in January 2013 with the possibility to include other categories such as International Referees, Coaches and others.

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