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WTF prepares its First Coach Seminar for next June

WTF prepares its First Coach Seminar for next June

WTF prepares its First Coach Seminar for next June
The WTF Academy will carry out its first Coach Seminar on the next June, in Busan (South Korea). The Course will split into two categories; the first one will be Kyorugi, from 8th till 12th and the second one, Poomsae, will start on the 13th and finish on the 16th.
Some topics will be taught equally in both categories, such as Olympism, Taekwondo Psychology, Taekwondo Physiology or Anti-Doping.
Only in the Kyorugi category there will be lessons about Hand Signals and Procedures of the Referees, Coaching Method of Kyorugi or Prevention of Sexual Violence. Practical lessons will be about Sports Medicine, Coaching Method of Kyorugi and Taekwondo Stretching techniques.
Exclusively in the Poomsae category the participants will be taught about Poomsae Competition Rules and the different movements of Poomsae Competitions (Kyoru –  Hansu, Taeguk and Basic Movements). Tha practical classes will go about Coaching Method of Poomsae, Sports Medicine and Stretching.
Most of the instructors will be university professors of Taekwondo and/or Physical Education.
The minimum requirements to access the seminar are to be 18 or older and to hold, at least, the Kukkiwon 1st Dan. It will also be necessary to have a good command of both written and spoken English, as it will be the language of the course.
The participants will stay at the Haeundae Grand Hotel in Busan.
All the information about the course, Visas, prices and registration is available at the WTF webpage.
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