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WTF President Chungwon Choue's Congratulatory Message for WTM

?? WTF President Chungwon Choue

On behalf of the global taekwondo family, I would like to congratulate on the launching of The World Taekwon Media (WTM), an online news media, whose headquarters are based in Barcelona, Spain.

I expect The WTM to come up with sound arguments and alternatives for the further development of taekwondo, as an Olympic sport.

Taekwondo is solidifying its Olympic status in the international sport community, which is now practiced by tens of millions of people in about 200 countries.

Beyond a mere sport, taekwondo is also contributing to the promotion of world peace and youth education. The WTF has dispatched hundreds of members of its Taekwondo Peace Corps since the summer of 2008 abroad.
Under the slogan “World Peace through Taekwondo,” the WTF has launched a global campaign in 2011 to provide financial and technical assistance to the underprivileged youths, especially in orphanages and refugee camps, around the world.
These WTF efforts and the strong support of the global taekwondo family members help the WTF become a model of other International Sports Federations and also help taekwondo maintain its Olympic status in 2020 and afterwards.
For further solid status of taekwondo in the international sports community, all the global taekwondo family should join hands. For the better future of taekwondo and a second takeoff of taekwondo, we have to keep marching onward, with the same goals in mind. In this regard, I ask The WTM to fully support the WTF project.Once again, I congratulate on the launching of The WTM and wish The WTM a prosperous future.

Chungwon Choue
World Taekwondo Federation

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