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WTF presidential elections to take place in July 2013 at the WTC in Mexico

WTF presidential elections to take place in July 2013 at the WTC in Mexico

– World Taekwondo Championship dates confirmed: July 15th-21st.
The WTF presidential elections for the next term will take place during the 2013 World Taekwondo Championships, to be held in Puebla in July.
On September 24th, current WTF president Dr. Choue held a meeting with Mr. Juan Manuel Lopez Delgado, president of the Mexican Taekwondo Federation, and the organizing committee of the 2013 WTC. The meeting took place at the WTF office and the purpose was to discuss the schedule of the championships.
During the meeting, president Choue received a confirmation that the dates of the event would be from the 15th until the 21st of July. Dr Choue proposed to start with the competitions on the 15th until the 18th, followed by the General Assembly on the 19th, and the semifinals on the 20th and final matches on the 21st of July.
President Lopez Delgado agreed with the proposed schedule. The content of the meeting will be announced once it is confirmed.
This differs from previous cases in which the General Assembly was held one or two days prior to the start of the championships. The organization of the 2013 WTC in Mexico will also differ from previous editions in terms of competition schedule: previously, all matches for one weight class took place in one day.
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