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WTF South Korean office moves from Seoul to Seongnam

WTF South Korean office moves from Seoul to Seongnam

On September 8th, the Korean office of the World Taekwondo Federation (President Choue) moved from Samseung-dong, Seoul to Seongnam.
Seongnam is located southwest of Seoul, at a 30-minute car ride from the district of Gangnam, where the office used to be located.
The new WTF office in Seongnam is a three-story building, with the International Affairs and General Affairs divisions on the first floor; the Sports, Refereeing, Marketing, and Public Relations divisions on the second floor; and the President’s and Secretary General’s offices on the third floor.
However, not all the divisions have moved to Seongnam. The WTFA (World Taekwondo Federation Academy, chairman: Jin-Suk Yang), affiliated to the WTF, was originally going to move along but remained at the Joyang building in Samseung-dong, reportedly waiting to move to another location.

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