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WTF Training Camp for Olympic Referees and Coaches this June

?? The London Olympic Referee Training Camp, held in Baku.

This June, two months before the London Olympics, the WTF will host a joint training program for Olympic referees and coaches in Suzhou, China. 

The training camp will take place from the 18th to the 22nd of June; gathering the 30 selected Olympic referees and all the national team coaches.

The first two days will consist of specialized training for Olympic referees and the joint training for the referees and coaches will take place from the 20th during 3 days.

This will be the first edition of the Olympic Games where the Protector & Scoring System (PSS) will be used, therefore the training for referees is of especial importance.

Regarding the upcoming training camp, Jae-Wook Lee, section chief of the WTF Referee Division said that: “we are preparing a thorough education program for the referees concerning the PSS and the video replay system, and by teaching this process also to all the coaches we will work in order to see a fair and clean Olympic taekwondo competition”.

To assure the success in the London 2012 Olympic Games, the WTF will host a final training camp for the Olympic referees right before the Games.


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