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WTF Vice President Sun Jae Park passes away

WTF Vice President Sun Jae Park passes away

The global Taekwondo family is in mourning following news that WTF Vice President Dr. Sun Jae Park has passed away.
Dr. Park, ETU honorary president, died in Rome, Italy at 18:30 on February 28 at the age of 78. His funeral will be held tomorrow Tuesday, 1 March 2016 at Basilica di Santa Croce in Rome (Via Guido Reni, 2).
“The condolences of the WTF go to the family of Dr. Park, and to the members of the Italian Taekwondo Federation,” said WTF President Chungwon Choue.
“Dr. Park was one of great taekwondo pioneers, and he will be greatly missed.”
Park was a pioneer in the world of taekwondo and especially in his home country of Italy. He introduced taekwondo to Italy in 1966 and in Croatia (formerly Yugoslavia) in 1968. He was also a founding member of the ETU in 1976 and was elected vice president of the ETU at its inaugural General Assembly in 1976.
Since then, Park had always been a keen supporter of the ETU and Taekwondo in Europe. Dr. Park was made honorary president of the ETU in 2002.
In February 2004, Park was elected acting president of the World Taekwondo Federation, a temporary position he took on following the resignation of Dr. Un-young Kim. He has also served as vice president of the WTF since 2002.
President Choue condolence letter: click HERE
FITA Secetary General statement
President Sun Jae Park has been a honest man above all. A man who has dedicated his whole life to Taekwondo and to us. He made millions of people got passionate to this martial art and made every kind of effort to make Taekwondo one of the Olympic sport. He has been a great leader and a great master and he has always put first the general concern, instead of his private interest. He has been a giant in the Taekwondo world scenario, and a he has always looked forward to the future and never back to the past. The most precious heritage left by the President, is his moral depth and strength and his coherence in emphasising every day the key values that each of us should practice in life, in Taekwondo and in every single sport in general.
Signed: Angelo Cito
FITA Secretary General
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