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[WTF]Olympic Referee Training Camp One Kicks Off in Baku

<WTF Press Release> The WTF-organized Olympic Referee Training Camp One kicked off on Feb. 28, 2012 in Baku, Azerbaijan for a four-day run.
The camp is being held in Musado, one of the WTF-designated Regional Taekwondo Training Centers worldwide.
Mr. Jean-Marie Ayer, newly appointed WTF Secretary General, delivered his lecture to the referees at the camp under the topic “Olympic Challenges to Taekwondo.” After the opening ceremony, a press conference was held with the attendance of many TV and press journalists.
The first day of the camp was focused on hand signal and review of competition rules.
All the 30 referees, who were selected for the 2012 London Olympic Games, attended this important camp, which will be critical to their performances at the Games period.
Major contents of the training program are: Review on General Competition Rules, Review on Penalties, Review on Hand Signals, Review on Instant Video Replay, Review on Competition Procedure, Review on Scoring Criteria, Video Analysis, Ethics, Game Management & Scoring Simulations, One-and-One Feedback Sessions with Instructors.
[Selection Process of Olympic Referees for London 2012]
– Number of Selection Camps: 3

* Selection Camp One: Baku, Azerbaijan / Jan. 14-17, 2011
– Invited 96 Referees (Europe: 73 / Africa: 23)
Selected: Top 24 Referees based on ranking (18 from Europe / 6 from Africa)
* Selection Camp Two: Guangzhou, China / March 9-12, 2011
– Invited 93 Referees (Asia: 84 / Oceania: 9)
Selected: Top 24 Referees based on ranking (19 from Asia / 5 from Oceania)
* Selection Camp Three: Mexico City, Mexico / April 7-10, 2011
– Invited 51 Referees (Pan Am)
Selected: Top 12 Referees based on ranking from Pan Am
?? Through Camp One to Three, WTF selected total 60 nominees of referee for London 2012
Selection Criteria of 60 Nominees: Medical Check-up (Eye sight, Blood Pressure, Hearing), Physical Test (Quick Feet Test, 20M Shuttle Run Test), Scoring Test by Swiss Timing, Game Management Test, Written Test on Competition Rules, English Oral Test, Instant Video Review Test by Dartfish
Road to London 2012 (Selection of top 30 from 60 nominees)
Sixty (60) nominees were evaluated at following events: 2011 World Championships, World Qualification Tournament, Oceania Qualification Tournament, Pan Am Qualification Tournament, Asia Qualification Tournament, Africa Qualification Tournament, Europe Qualification Tournament
Evaluation Criteria of 60 Nominees:
– For Center Referee: 1) Hustling, 2) Positioning, 3) Consistency in Issuing Penalty, 4) Proper Hand Signals, 5) Application of Rules, 6) Video Replay Procedure, 7) Procedure for Knock Down, 8) Procedure for Emergency Situation, 9) Over all match management.
– For Corner Judges: ability of scoring shall be evaluated by computerized system
– For Review Juries: 1) Quick Decision Making 2) Percentage of Correction 3) Application of Rule


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