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??WTF??s Contract Cancellation of LaJust was Lawful??, According to Seoul Court

The Court ruled that WTF’s contract cancellation with LaJust was legitimate.

The Seoul Central District Court rejected LaJust Sport’s (President, Sang-Yeol Joo) “request for injunction” against the WTF (President Chung-Won Choue).

LaJust said that in order to use other companies PSS in WTF sanctioned events the WTF would have to recommend and use PSS from companies other than LaJust, and thus filed a request for injunction against it. 

To this, the Court ruled through the sentencing that“LaJust’s product is technically incomplete, since given a situation in which the PSS are wet due to water or sweat, a strike or collision between two fighters, or one falling over the other, can result in a valid score” and that “the recognition contract reflects that the contract can be cancelled if a problem arises with the PSS”, therefore the contract cancellation is legal. 

The Court said “the request of injunction that was made by LaJust with the premise that the contract cancellation was invalid, therefore it is rejected.”

Secretary General Jin-Suk Yang expressed through a letter that “this favorable decision indicates that we are on the right track, and we will continue to work to the best of our ability for the development of taekwondo.”

This time, the Korean court that once had accepted the request of injunction from LaJust, specified the defects of the LaJust PSS and ruled that the contract cancellation was lawful. Such a change is a favorable turn for the WTF in the continued dispute with LaJust. 

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