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Wuxi 2019 WT World Cup Poomsae Championships – Day 4: China triumphs at home after battle against Iran

Wuxi 2019 WT World Cup Poomsae Championships – Day 4: China triumphs at home after battle against Iran

Local athletes win gold in Mixed Gender as Russia and Ivory Coast take the bronze medals of the category

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Day 4 – Kyorugi – Report

China set the standard at Wuxi 2019 World Taekwondo World Team Cup after winning its second gold in the category in the closing day of competition. The Chinese Mixed Team was crowned as the best in the world after beating Iran in the gold medal match by 50-26 in a crucial fight that decided which of both teams was going to take the throne of the event, as Iran took gold in Men’s Team and China in Women’s on Friday and Saturday.

The bronzes of the Mixed Gender class were taken by Russi and Turkey, who respectively defeated Korea and Ivory Coast (74-28).

Day 3 – Kyorugi – Report

Iran tasted glory in the Men’s Team division after winning a spectacular battle against Korea in the final clash of the draw. Iranian athletes defeated their Asian rivals in the gold medal match by a close 71-68.

Russia and China 1 were the bronze medallists of the competition after outscoring China 2 and USA in the repechage stage by a huge point gap (69-31 and 121-47).

Tomorrow will be the day for the closing class of the event, the Mixed Gender Team competition, which will wrap up the Wuxi 2019 World Taekwondo Team and Poomsae Cup.

Day 2 – Kyorugi – Report

China 1 clinched the gold medal in the Women’s Team competition after beating Russia in the big final match of the draw by 4-0 in the sudden death period after a tie to 30 during the regular time.

Representing the China 1 team were: Jingyu Wu, Shuyin Zheng, Mengyu Zhang, Lijun Zhou and Xueqin Tan.

Russia had to content with the silver medal, which was awarded to
Elena Evlampyeva, Karina Zhdanova, Kristina Prokudina, Anastasiia Baklanova and Polina Khan.

In third place with one of the bronze medals was the Republic of Korea, compromised of: Da-Yeong Kim, Min-Ah Ha, Yu-Jin Kim, Do Hee Yoon and Hee Kyeong Jo.

In a bid for the last bronze medal up for grabs, China 2 played the USA in a repechage bronze medal contest, which saw the hosts secure their second medal of the women’s Team Championships after a 35-23 win.

China 2 was made up of the following five athletes: Zongshi Luo, Zeqi Zhou, Huan Wang, Xiaojing and Ju Zuo.

Day 2 – Poomsae – Report

Chinese Taipei grabbed another gold to rocket to a total of 13 gold medals and finished on top of the standings, with Vietnam being the most successful nation of the day with 3 titles, followed by China with 2, and USA and Thailand with 1 each.

With these results, Chinese Taipei reigned in the standings with 13 titles, followed by USA with 8, Thailand with 6, Vietnam with 4 and China with 2.

Day 1 – Poomsae – Report

Chinese Taipei set the standard during the opening day of the Wuxi 2019 World Taekwondo World Cup Poomsae Championships, which kicked off today in the Chinese city.

Chinese Taipei representatives combined for a total of 12 gold medals, standing out from the rest of countries involved on Thursday. The other teams to shine during the first day of competition were USA, who took no less than 7 titles, and Thailand, whose fighters managed to reach the top of the podium in 5 occasions.

The other squads to taste glory in Wuxi today were: Iran, who collected 2 golds, and China and Vietnam, who had to content with 1 title each.

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