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Youth Taekwondo Camp in Muju, best event in summer

Muju (Jeollabuk-do, South Korea) was the place to be this first week of August for young Taekwondo lovers around the world: the World Youth Taekwondo Camp (WYTC) was held there.  

Every summer the Taekwondo Promotion Foundation (TPF) hosts the WYTC in Muju, where the Taekwondo Park is going to be opened in 2013. The purpose for this camp is not only to promote the Taekwondo Park but also to provide the opportunity for young Taekwondo lovers over the world of experimenting traditional Taekwondo and Korean culture.

This year, the “3rd World Youth Taekwondo Camp” took place from the 1st trough the 6th of August, receiving an enthusiastic response.

The event gathered 250 participants from 27 countries, with ages ranging from 14 to 18, although younger Taekwondo followers were also present throughout the camp. This was an exceptional opportunity for dream-filled young Taekwondo practitioners, who were able to learn the best training techniques from famous Taekwondo leaders, including gold medalists. One of the main goals of this camp was also to cultivate social and community spirit through group training.

The “Taekwondo Training Credo”, declared in the 2009 Olympic Values Education Programme (OVEP) in Seoul, was put into practice and group activities were carried out for a cultural exchange. The traditional Korean culture exchange activities had especially a fervent response. Altogether, it provided an opportunity also for the parents of the young participants to understand Korean culture and Taekwondo.

This camp is receiving favorable evaluation from the International Olympic Committee, which is actively seeking to promote the Olympic spirit among young people. According to the TPF, IOC President Jacques Rogge declared that “surely in this event all the participants will become friends and learn from Taekwondo values and the passion the TPF has for Taekwondo”. 

The TPF chairman said they shall “keep working harder to prepare and carry out a camp with a higher quality with the aim of contributing to the progress of the youngsters’ Taekwondo skills and promote healthy values in their growth period”.

The WYTC was one event among many others that were carried out this summer in South Korea, and has received positive response for its content and value.

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