Wuxi 2018 GS Champions Series – Day 5: China and Great Britain top the stands with 2 titles

Wuxi 2018 World Taekwondo Grand Slam Champions Series
Wuxi, China
12-16 December 2018

Complete Results: Day 1 / Day 2 / Day 3 / Day 4 / Day 5

Day 5 – Report

China and Great Britain were the two only nations to win more than 1 gold medal at Wuxi 2018 Grand Slam Champions Series after all 8 categories were completed on Sunday. Great Britain clinched 2 titles thanks to Lauren Williams’ victory over Nur Tatar from Turkey by 2-0 in the Women’s -67 kg final and Bianca Walkden’s win over Gorman-Shore from USA in the Women’s +67 kg crucial fight by 2-1. China grabbed its 2 titles through Shuai Zhao, who proved to be the strongest competitor in Men’s -68 kg after defeating Bradley Sinden from Great Britain by 3-2 in the extra period, and Lijun Zhou, who reigned in Women’s -57 kg after getting rid of no other than the double Olympic champion of the division, Jade Jones from Great Britain, by 2-1.

Great Britain finished on top of the standings thanks to its 2 silver medals, while China managed to get 1 silver and 2 bronzes and finished in second place.

Iran (Sajjad Marjani, M+80), Russia (Maksim Khramtcov, M-80), Thailand (Pannipak Wongpattanakit, W-49) and Korea (Jun Jang, M-58 kg) were the other teams to step on top of the podium with 1 gold medal each.

The bronzes were awarded to: Armin Hadipour (IRI, M-58), Dae-hoon Lee (KOR, M-68), Milad Beigi Harchegani (AZE, M-80), Zhaoxiang Song (CHN, M+80), Xueqin Tan (W-49), Ah-Reum Lee (W-57), Ruth Gbagbi (CIV, W-67) and Aleksandra Kowalczuk (POL, W+67).

Day 5 – Final Podiums

Men’s -58 kg

1 – GOLD Jun JANG KOR – Republic of Korea
2 – SILVER Yushuai LIANG CHN – China
3 – BRONZE Armin Hadipour Seighalani IRI – Iran

Men’s -68 kg

1 – GOLD Shuai ZHAO CHN – China
2 – SILVER Bradly SINDEN GBR – Great Britain
3 – BRONZE Dae-hoon LEE KOR – Republic of Korea

Men’s -80 kg

1 – GOLD Maksim Khramtcov RUS – Russia
2 – SILVER HWAN NAMGOONG KOR – Republic of Korea
3 – BRONZE Milad Beigi Harchegani AZE – Azerbaijan

Men’s +80 kg

1 – GOLD Sajjad MARDANI IRI – Iran
2 – SILVER Kyo-don IN KOR – Republic of Korea
3 – BRONZE Zhaoxiang SONG CHN – China

Women’s -49 kg

1 – GOLD Panipak WONGPATTANAKIT THA – Thailand
2 – SILVER Min-Ah HA KOR – Republic of Korea
3 – BRONZE Xueqin TAN CHN – China

Women’s -57 kg

1 – GOLD Lijun ZHOU CHN – China
2 – SILVER Jade JONES GBR – Great Britain
3 – BRONZE Ah-Reum LEE KOR – Republic of Korea

Women’s -67 kg

1 – GOLD Lauren WILLIAMS GBR – Great Britain
3 – BRONZE Ruth GBAGBI CIV – Cote D’ivoire

Women’s +67 kg

1 – GOLD Bianca WALKDEN GBR – Great Britain
2 – SILVER Madelynn GORMAN-SHORE USA – United States of America
3 – BRONZE Aleksandra Kowalczuk POL – Poland

Day 4 – Report

Great Britain and Korea were the teams that managed to place more athletes in the Final matches scheduled for Sunday after 4 of their fighters won their Semifinal matches on Saturday. Bradley Sinden, who defeated no other than Dae-hoon Lee in Men’s -68 kg; Jade Jones, Bianca Walkden and Lauren Williams are the British representatives who will battle for gold tomorrow, while Jun Jang, Hwan Namgoong, Kyo-don In and Min-ah Ha will be the Korean fighters to fight for the titles.

China won 3 Semifinal clashes thanks to Zhao, Liang and Zhou, who will try to taste gold at thome, while Turkey (Nur Tatar), USA (Gorman-Shore), Thailand (Wongpattanakit), Iran (Mardani) and Russia (Khramtcov) will also fight for the titles tomorrow.

You can take a look at the complete results on the link above this report!

Day 3 – Report

China and Korea were the most successful countries on the third day of action at Wuxi 2018 Grand Slam Champions Series after placing 8 fighters each into the Semifinals, scheduled for tomorrow Saturday 15th. Great Britain did also stand out on Friday after managing to get trough a total of 5 athletes, while Iran was the other nation to reach the Semis in more than 1 occasion with 2 fighters looking for the Finals tomorrow. Spain, Russia, Azerbaijan, Croatia, Thailand, Ivory Coast, Turkey, Poland and USA all managed to put 1 of their competitors in the next round, completing the 32 qualified athletes for the medal matches.

Tomorrow will be the day for the Semifinals of all 8 categories, while the bronze medal and the gold medal matches are scheduled for Sunday action.

You can take a look at the complete results of Friday by clicking the link above this report!

Day 2 – Report


Rukiye Yildirim from Turkey was the only athlete among the first 5 seeded to lose in the first round after being outscored by Tan from China by 2-1. On the other hand, so-hui Kim from Korea, Pannipak Wongpattanakit from Thailand and Bora Kang from Korea advanced to the Quarterfinals. The number 1 in the draw, Kim, had to wait until the sudden death period to do so by 2-1.


All the first seven seeded made it to the Quarterfinals. Ah-reum Lee (KOR) and Irem Yaman (TUR) did so after receiving a bye for the Round of 16, while Jade Jones (GBR), Zhou (CHN), Luo (CHN), Ilgun (TUR) and Glasnovic (CRO) needed to win their first combats in the event to reach the next round.


The three main favourites of the draw, Tae-hun Kim (KOR), Jun Jang (KOR) and Armin Hadipour (IRI), automatically advanced to the Quarters thanks to a bye, while Artamonov(RUS), Liang (CHN) and Sawekwiharee (THA) all won their first clash in the event o reach the same round. On the other hand, Jesus Tortosa from Spain lost in his opening match against the local hope, Chen, by 2-0, and couldn’t advanced to the next round.


Christina McNeish was the only fighter among the first 8 seeded to lose his first round combat after being outscored by Shin from Korea by 2-0. Dae-hoon Lee (KOR), Zhao (CHN) and Huang (TPE) were exempt from the first round as the three main favourites, while Recber (TUR), Sinden (GBR), Perez Pol (ESP) and Dalakliev (RUS) managed to win their Round of 16 clashes to reach the Quarters.

Day 1 – Report


Number 1 seeded Ruth Gbagbi (CIV) and Number 2 Nur Tatar (TUR) advanced to the Quarterfinals after struggling to beat their first opponents. Gbagbi defeated Song from China by 2-0, while Tatar had to wait until the sudden death period to score the winning action against Gao (CHN), beating the local athlete by 2-1.


Bianca Walkden (GBR) and Shuyin Zheng (CHN) and Jackie Galloway (USA) recieved a bye and didn’t need to play the Round of 16 matches, so the three main favourites are in the Quarters already. Number 4 seeded Kowalczuk got rid of Liu from China by 2-0 to reach the next round as well.


Numer 2 seeded Vladislav Larin (RUS) and numer 5 Radik Isaev (AZE) were the biggest upsets in the draw on Wednesday after rspectively losing against Song (CHN 2-1) and Muhammad (GBR 2-0). The rest of favourites were either exempt from the first round or won their fights.


The new sensation of the division, Ordemann from Norway, was the main fighter to go down on the first round after being outscored by 2-0 by the local idol, Huang. Raul Martinez from Spain, numer 4 seeded, and superstar Aaron Cook also were defeated on Wednesday.

Complete resuls of all the categories can be found on the links above this report.

Draws: click HERE


- Day 1 (Wednesday December 12): W+67, W-67, M+80 and M-80 Round of 16 matches

- Day 2 (Thursday December 12): W-49, W-57, M-58 and M-68 Round of 16 matches

- Day 3 (Friday December 12): W+67, W-67, M+80, M-80 W-49, W-57, M-58 and M-68 Quarterfinals matches

- Day 4 (Saturday December 12): W+67, W-67, M+80, M-80 W-49, W-57, M-58 and M-68 Semifinals matches

- Day 5 (Sunday December 12): W+67, W-67, M+80, M-80 W-49, W-57, M-58 and M-68 Bronze medal and Final matches


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